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Google AdSense Examples   You can create ad spaces and layouts of specific sizes that will carry your “publisher” code, and they can be placed in any websites you maintain.  Clicks on those ads will generate money for you.  Be aware that the value per click is small, but if you have a lot of traffic to your site, and a lot of your visitors click on those ads, it eventually accumulates and you get a check from Google. The ads themselves are created by people who want to advertise via Google’s AdWords program.  They “bid” on certain key words, and offer so much per click.  They can set whatever limit they want to pay per month, and once they reach that limit, their ads are no longer displayed in that month.  They start displaying again the following month.  Obviously, if certain words bring more traffic, and the visitors spend money on your products and services, the advertiser will want to invest more.  It’s a very slick system, and worth investigating, whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher.  These are some of the ad sizes we’re using on our sites.  Custom content is delivered to each visitor ... individualized to things like their search history, the topic of the page, etc. The examples shown here are just a few of many ad layouts available to the user of Google’s AdSense tools. Take some time to look at more info on the Google site ... look for the term AdWords if you’re going to be placing ads, and look for the term AdSense if you’d like to display ads on your website and perhaps earn some money for doing so! The full-width banner shown below is called a “leaderboard” and is often found at the top or bottom of a website.  Some of the formats are for text ads, some for display ads, and some will accommodate both.  If you use Google’s AdWords and/or AdSense, you’ll find a huge array of tracking and analysis tools at your disposal ... free!
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