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Embedded Website - External Content Server
Scenes from our hometown, Sheboygan WI          Copyright 2010-17         Kenneth J Anderson & Assoc.
This is an embedded Google Sites page ... this technique will allow some of the content of a website to be served up by an external system which allows for distributed editing SCROLL DOWN FOR AN EMBEDDED GOOGLE FORM..
Embedded Form - External Content Server
This is an embedded Google Docs page ... if you design a form with Google Docs, it automatically creates a spreadsheet to hold the responses.  Of course it’s free, and you can log in and view your results from anywhere.
Embedded Form - View Data in Spreadsheet
Google Docs will not permit the spreadsheet behind this form to be displayed in an embedded i-frame.  So we’ve provided the button below ... opens in a new window.  Since it’s private info, you’ll need an ID and password, but it could be defined as publicly available.
View Spreadsheet With Info Collected from Form View Spreadsheet With Info Collected from Form
After submitting a response, you’ll be given the option of viewing a summary of all results.
These maps were created via Google Docs, Fusion tables option.  They’re loaded with data from NETA’s database. The first one shows GX workshop locations from 2008 through 2012.  The second shows PT workshops during the same time period. The scale is different, due to them being in different scale when the embed links were requested.  You can zoom in by clicking the plus (or just clicking on the map where you want it to center when zoomed), abd zoom out by clicking the minus. When zoomed in close, you can grab the little yellow “man” icon and drag it to the street, then view the actual photo of the street scene. You can also toggle between map view and satellite view via the buttons in upper right corner of each map.
Another embedded Google form ...
View Spreadsheet With Info Collected from Form View Spreadsheet With Info Collected from Form
Here’s a DHTML script from Dynamic Drive ... CMotionGallery
Use cursor to control direction and speed of slider. First three images at left will provide actions if clicked.  Display image, display enlarged image, and go to website (respectively).