Welcome to Intergarten.com This website is the demonstration and development environment for our parent company, Kenneth J Anderson & Associates, which you can find via the “websites” tab above. We work with businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to develop an attractive and effective web presence, either starting from scratch, or replacing a website which is in need of upgrading. On this site you’ll find a few examples of our work and capabilities. Our development software of choice is Xara Web Designer Pro, a powerful and flexible software package from the UK. It permits rapid prototyping and development of sites from simple to complex. For clients who wish to learn some of the techniques of designing and maintaining a website, we can tailor consultation, training, and education to suit their needs and desires. When asked to do so, we bring along our two best assistants ... M Power and N Able. We get the best results working with clients, rather than for them. Under the “websites” tab above, you’ll find a sampling of sites we’ve developed (some still in process), as well as sites developed by by clients with our assistance, and now maintained by the clients. Some pages just contain demo items. If you have questions, please use the “contact” tab above to get our e-mail address. We don’t charge for consultation.
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